This book completely changed how I build products

- Matthew Shoup, Hacker in Residence, Linkedin

In 2008, I launched an enterprise collaboration product. It was an exciting time. Many months of hard work had gotten us here, and we were ready for the world. Hoping to get covered on the famous TechCrunch and talking to investors to raise funding, it seemed like nothing could go wrong. Then it happened. One fine morning, we found out our software had crashed. It had probably happened sometime during the night while we slept. We panicked. With our reputation on the line, we scrambled to get thing up and running again, and in a couple hours, we finally did. All seemed well until it crashed again the next day and the day after.

What we didn’t know was that a bug deep inside our database software was causing the memory to overflow and take everything down with it. Our worst nightmare had come true: We had a problem we couldn’t easily fix and a product we couldn’t launch. Instead of focusing on making our product better, we were struggling to keep things running. There had to be a better way. It was in the midst of this crisis that I stumbled onto something that promised to solve all our problems. This is the story of that discovery and how it reshaped my entire view of technology and our future...

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The author Vikram Rangnekar is a startup founder, a former software engineer with Linkedin and a product manager. He's passionate about startups, code, people and coffee, not in that exact order. About the Author

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