Chapter 1


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A few years ago, I started to think about how technology has intertwined itself with our lives. Everything around us is turning into software. Our lives are getting better, and the efficiency gains we see at home and at work are accelerating. A tap of a screen summons us a ride, moves our money across the world, or plays us a movie. We live a software-powered and connected lifestyle, and our smart phones are the remote controls of our world.

Software is a great equalizer. Anyone with an idea and the right knowledge can make amazing things happen. This is tremendously empowering. However, software is getting more complex and harder to manage, which creates a barrier to entry for those who want to build our future. My motivation for writing this book is to help minimize this complexity, to set creative teams free so they can realize their vision to build better and more interesting products and keep us moving forward.

The cloud, which is used to remotely run much of the software we use today, is a wonderful thing. We can build on it and create products that can reach anyone in the world and help make their lives better. I’ve worked hard on this book to take the reader on a journey replete with stories of how people are leveraging the cloud. I’ve done my best to make technical concepts more accessible to everyone by tying them together with impactful stories. I address themes and trends I see today in Silicon Valley in both the startups and well-established companies alike that are building our future.

The specific cloud I write about in this book is the Google Cloud Platform. I’ve personally used it to build my startup and have often recommended it with great results to others. Google is heavily invested in making this a success and are pulling out all the stops to realize their vision for a worldwide fully managed cloud. My confidence comes from the experience I’ve gained using it and the interactions I’ve had with the people building it, some of whom are among the smartest in the world. I hope this book inspires you to bring your ideas to fruition and leaves you with a much deeper understanding of the cloud and how you can use it in your life.

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