Chapter 11


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I would like to highlight a few takeaways from this book. The cloud is a powerful tool. Leverage it. It will work as a force multiplier to give your idea a solid chance at succeeding. Data is valuable. Collect it and learn to build products from it. AI and machine learning is how you spin data into gold. No matter what business you’re in, think about the software capabilities you could develop. This will be your key to greater success. In the end, if you’re not a software company, you’ll eventually be irrelevant.

While researching the Spotify Google Cloud story I came across this comment in a thread on the popular technology news site Hacker News (latchkey) “My business is a heavy GC user ...] and I couldn’t imagine achieving what we have achieved in such a short amount of time on any other platform. We ...] started at zero and shipped our product in 3 months on what is effectively an infinitely auto-scalable platform where we don’t have to do any devops or carry a pager. I’d much rather work on features than chores. =) 4 months later and we’ve had profitable growth and zero downtime (knock on wood) and we’re hiring. Thanks Google!” it was stories like that along with my own experience with building on the Google Cloud that lead to me writing of this book.

Although I’ve focused on the Google Cloud Platform, there are two other very successful cloud platforms available: Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure. I didn’t address these platforms in this book because I wanted to keep the book actionable and a little opinionated. I think highly of these other cloud platforms. They’re great choices for you to build on. However, I don’t have the same deep expertise and personal experience with these platforms that I have with the Google Cloud.

I consider the Google Cloud special because of Google’s focus on providing fully managed solutions and building abstractions that minimize overhead and allow developers to focus on what matters most. The ability of managed services to simplify what behind the scenes is amazingly complex takes us towards a world where the cloud will be more accessible to a larger and less technical audience.

I’ve been involved in software development and startups for many years. I’ve constantly refined my views on how software products should be built. I learned how Silicon Valley builds technology through my experience at LinkedIn, but I’ve also learned a lot from late-night conversations with some of the smartest engineers, data scientists, and product people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

I’ve done my best in this book to highlight some of the key trends that are emerging in the world of technology products. Software is taking over the world and is getting more complex along the way. The cloud helps us manage this complexity and minimize risk, and it allows us to continue building better software.

Complexity can work as a barrier to innovation. The cloud works to make software more democratic, meaning small passionate teams can now complete with the Goliaths. It gives your idea a chance to stand its ground against anything. The cloud makes the world a better place by making technology more accessible to everyone.

I will consider this book a success if it inspired you to go out and adopt the cloud, to rethink how data can be a driver of growth and success for your products, and to retool yourself and your organization for a brighter AI-powered future.


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